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Young Adult Book List 2007

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Endymion Spring

Endymion by SkeltonA young boy, at a lowpoint in his life, is chosen by an ancient book to protect an immense power long buried and sought by a shadowy figure whose identity is kept secret near the volatile end.
by Matthew Skelton

Double Identity

Double Identity by HaddixEdgy, new, deeply suspenseful novel by the prolific Haddix. This one twists and turns at break-neck speed, and raises so many questions that you'll keep reading until the last breathtaking secret is revealed.
by Margaret Haddix

The Great Book of Amber

Zelinski's Amber SeriesTravel down the road to Amber (Did you know all roads lead there?) and take in one or all of the ten books collected in this volumn of one of the most celebrated fantasy stories of the era.
by Daniel Zelinski

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