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Young Adult Book List 2007

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Wintersmith by PratchetUp–Winter must die, and Summer must sink into the ground; it is all part of the Story, and Tiffany Aching has danced into the middle of it. Enjoy this rich series of dry, intelligent humor..
by Terry Pratchet


Elsewhere by ZevinLiz wants to turn sixteen, get her driver's license, fall in love, go to college, but awakens one day on a cruise ship bound for the afterlife. . . How can she let go of the only life she loved and embrace a new one?
by Gabrielle Zevin

Over Sea, Under Stone

Dark Series by Cooper Visit this dark, breath-taking adventure with three young children into the start of a deep, Arthurarian series, "The Dark is Rising." One of the most acclaimed fantasy series of our time..
by Susan Cooper

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