New adventure about time travelKatie Kazoo Series

by Liz Kessler

Candlewick Press
Ages 8-up
224 pages

In the first book of the series, Katie Carew is at recess when she falls down on a puddle of mud. The class bully, George, decides to call her "mud monster", and then she has to face many more troubles. Finally, George makes up a new name for Katie: Katie Kazoo.

That night, Katie sits outside on the front porch stoop, and while a shooting star whirls by, she wishes that she can be anybody but herself. The next morning at school, Katie turns into the class hamster, Speedy. When she hides in what she thinks is a cave--it's really George's sneaker!--Katie decides that she has had enough.

In these books, Katie Kazoo turns into a dentist, a movie star, her teacher, a ski instructor, a pizza chef, her friend's baby sister, an author, the principal of her school, her dog, and many other things. She causes trouble when she's not herself, but always helps out when she turns back into herself. These books have a little magic in them, but they also talk about Katie Carew's normal life.

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