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Young Adult Book List 2007

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Magyk by Sage Silas Heap's newborn son, Septimus, has died, but, strangely, there is a new daughter to raise. Enter Marsha, a highly ranked wizard who loves purple high-heeled shoes, Boy 412, and a pet rock that cuddles. Need we say more?.
by Angie Sage


Airborn by OppelAre you ready for this journey? Set in a world where the airplane hasn't been invented, this is a story of a young boy who takes to the skies aboard an airship where he plays an important role in fierce battles that are fought high in the sky..
by Kenneth Oppel

Feeling Sorry for Celia

Celia by MorietyOne likable teenage girl describes her typical high school life (with problems) with wry humor through her own imagined letters from such authors as the "The Cold Hard Truth Society."
by Jacklin Moriety

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