SunBread by Elisa KlevenSunBread

by Elisa Kleven

Ages 8-up
32 pages

Gloom abounds in this stormy town where the weather is causing everyone's moods to sour. Children argue, parents squabble, and the baker wrings his hands. But then he decides to do what a baker knows best. Bakes some bread.

But not just any bread. He pulls out all his flour and soon he is kneading a huge mound of sun bread on his large table. Quickly he shapes it into, well, a sun, and pops it into the oven. All over town, villages stop their arguments to sniff. The smell of baking bread is...have you ever smelled anything better?

Soon the villagers are chewing, sharing, and smiling. So happy are they that they feel inspired to go awaken.... You'll have to read the book to see just who they awaken with their lovely tasting bread...Hungry now?

If you enjoyed this book, try other Kleven's books. We heartily recommend another of her titles, The Paper Princess, about a paper cut-out doll that travels the wind after her little-girl owner accidently drops her. You may find other books by this author on her site which you can find in our author directory.

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