New adventure about time travelThe New Policeman

by Kate Thompson

Greenwillow Books
Ages 14-up
448 pages

J.J. Liddy loves music. In the small Irish village where he lives, Irish dances are the way of village each weekend. This is presenting a bit of a problem as J.J. enters his teen years. But there is also something else to worry about; something strange is happening. No one seems to have enough time.

As J.J. struggles with his teenage wanderlust, his mother points out his talent in music, which is considerable if you let awards judge that sort of thing. Shelving his inner struggles for a moment, he decides to find a nice birthday present for his mother -- the gift of time. But he means the real thing. Now, where does one find time? A neighbor seems to know.

Hearing about J.J.'s quest, this neighbor suggests he look in an odd cave deep in the hills. Leaving a soon-to-be grieving family behind, J.J. stumbles through an entrance to Tir na n'Og, the world of the fairies, and begins to learn about time. And about himself.

The storytelling voice in this book is lyrical and soothing, and such that one can almost hear the notes as the pages turn...

Review by J.

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