New adventure about time travelThe Grand Treasury

by Robert Munsch

Candlewick Press
All Ages
150 pages

In the Grand Treasury of stories by Robert Munsch, nothing is impossible; rather, everything is wackily zany.

Is it really fair that blah-blah is made to clean up after a 3 inch high boy who destroyed her sock drawer, planted tomatoes on her bed, and flooded the kitchen while taking a bath in the breadbox? Will the Prince still marry the Princess after she saves him from a dragon wearing nothing but a paper bag? And will the Princess care? Stephanie is sick of everyone at her school— they all copy her ponytail, even the teachers! Well, does she have a surprise for them!

When Moira is told to invite only six kids to her birthday party, she can't resist inviting her whole school! How will she feed 600 kids? By sending them shopping, of course! Now you should go shopping for this hilarious book, and then you can read all these crazy stories and more!

Review by J.

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