Reviewed -- Winter 2008

Igraine the BraveIgraine the Brave

by Cornelia Funk

The Chicken House
Ages 7-up
224 pages

A lighter tale from Cornelia Funke, this. More on the level of Dragon Rider, the book with the so-so story but lovely elaborate map (in early editions). But Igraine the Brave has that strong girl character-type that Funk crafts masterfully.

In this story, a curious little girl -- Igraine, of course -- lives in a castle within magical woods and an older brother. When the nasty nephew of the family's next-door neighbor decides to capture Igraine's castle and take her parents, she springs into action. Strange and wonderful friends spice up the story, including Sisyphus, her talking cat.

Funk is also known for her darker fantasy adventures, including the Thief Lord and Inkheart trilogy, the third book of which is due out this year along with a movie. But my favorite books by her are the lesser known picture books, including The Princess Knight, a surprising Cinderella tale with a few knights and a black horse thrown in...

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