New sequel to Quest of the Fairy by Gail Carson LevinFairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand

by Gail Carson Levine

Ages 8-up
191 pages

Welcome to Tinker Bell land and new adventures with some new friends. Watch your step however. Not all the friends are nice. Soop, for instance, got angry. What do you do when you are angry? Soop set a swirling flood of waters upon a lovely land called Fairy Haven.

She got angry because her fairy friend, Rani, promised to give her a wand. But Rani has to wait, because old Mother Dove won't let her go to the palace of the Great Wanded Fairies where the wand is. Mother Dove says wands are dangerous objects, and she has forbidden Rani to keep her promise. So Soop takes revenge by sending a flood.

With the fate of the fairies threatened, there is only one remedy. A wand. Rani, Tinker Bell and the fairy queen, Clarion, set out on a perilous quest that takes them across an ocean, to the palace of the Great Wanded Fairies. At last they acquire ...Well, read the book to find out what happens then...

Review by Jo.

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