Reviewed -- Fall 2008

Newest Redwall bookEulalia: A Redwall Tale

by Brian Jacques

Philomel Books
Ages 9-up
400 pages

Lord Asheye of Salamandastron proclaims that a new Badger Lord must take his place and reign over the legendary badger fortress. But who? And how? And, woe, who has been captured by Sea Raiders. And will they conquer Redwall Abbey?

The answers are in this book and more! For the avid Redwall reader, this is a wonderful addition to the series. Full of familiar characters and plots, and the good vs. evil theme. Some say this book is his best, with more cliffhangers then ever. Others, negative towards the book and the series, say the series is worn out, the books are merely repeating the same plot-line over and over. To those folks, I say don't read the books.

There is nothing wrong with a series that revisits old friends and habits. In our stress-filled days, full of our own battles and homework, it's nice to step into a world where other people have to solve problems. Predictable? Maybe, but sameness can be a comfort. Hooray for Brian Jacques. Look for his newest 2008 novel, Doomwyte.

Review by J.

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