New adventure about time travelThe Dangerous Book for Boys

by Conn Iggulden and Hal Iggulden

Ages 12-up
293 pages

The book that shows boys how to live a life that "used to be" is doing well here in the U.S. after taking Britain by storm last year. The book, big and red and as official-looking as a Boy Scout manual, came into U.S. bookstores this summer to tell boys everything from how to identify cloud formations to how to be chivalrous to girls.

The book also discusses how to make a battery, the basics of Shakespeare, coin tricks and how to build “the greatest paper airplane in the world.” There are lists of gear boys should never be without, including Band-aids. Readers will also learn of famous battles, how to juggle, and understand rugby.

Though a bit unwieldy in size, the book is easy to navigate, as well as clearly and compassionately written. For instance, on girls, the book advises that should a boy see a girl in need of help—unable to lift something, for example, he should not taunt her. Instead, he should approach with a cheerful smile, and secretly test the weight of the object. If the boy feels he can lift it, he should do it. If not, he should sit on it and engage the girl in conversation.

Needless to say, the book which offers "dangerous and risky" fun for boys, has received some criticism from those who protest that girls can have “risky” fun, too!

Other fun activities explained in the book include:

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