Reviewed -- Fall 2007

The Name of this Book is SecretThe Name of this Book is Secret

by Pseudonymous Basch

Little Brown
Ages 9-up
384 pages

The concept seems a little "Unfortunate", but it works! There's always room for more of a good thing, right? The first page warns readers to: "...not read beyond this page!" The reason? The book has a secret dangerous to innocent page-turners. Then the narrator -- who turns out to be quite an interesting, if not at times alarming, personality -- decides he will reveal the story only if...and then he strikes a deal with readers. Quite unusual, this book.

When the story-telling finally gets underway -- after you have promised to "forget everything you hear" -- the story that follows is a mix of "The Mysterious Benedict Society", "Charlie Bone" and a few others thrown in for good measure..

Are you ready to do some decoding? You'll have fun with this book. An interesting, adventurous read.

And who is the author, really? This Pseudonymous Bosch. His published bio promises that "the truth will all be revealed---with time." We'll wait.

Review by D.

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